White red concentrated grape juice

Product in concentrated form with gradation from 60 to 70 brix obtained by concentrating grape juice at low temperatures under vacuum conditions.

category: Juices and concentrates

Thanks to the controlled concentration process, these products maintain a high organoleptic quality while maintaining the characteristics of the grapes used. The concentrates we produce are available in white, red and as an organic product with a low sulfur content.

Ingredients used by the food industry for the preparation of: fruit juices, drinks, candied fruit, canned fruit , jams and marmelades, fruit and cereal bars, condiments with balsamic vinegar , food glaze, yoghurt , ice cream, pastries, creams and desserts, baked goods, candies, jellies, energy drinks and baby foods.


Concentration : 52\65 Brix

Bag for food use mounted on 20 " dry CONTAINER with MAX capacity 180 hl.
Truncated conical drum containing aseptic food bag capacity 200/250 liters. By truck: 88 drums; in 20 'dry container: 80 drums; in 20 ' Reefer container: 72 drums.
Capacity from 240 to 300 hl.
Cistern with capacity from 240 to 270 hl for shipping of bulk product, by land, rail, sea.
Palletized food plastic container capacity 1000 liters (non-aseptic) Ideal for small quantities of food products.

All products can also be shipped in smaller format.