Grape juice NFC

Product obtained by crushing and pressing table grapes.

category: Wine sector

Available in conventional or organic version.


Product obtained by pressing healthy and well-ripe table grapes which, by decanting, maintains its natural content of vitamins, mineral salts, sugars intact and is free of preservatives. According to the type of grape variety used, grape juice can be classified by grape denomination or as an organic product.

Bag for food use mounted on 20 " dry CONTAINER with MAX capacity 180 hl.
Truncated conical drum containing aseptic food bag capacity 200/250 liters. By truck: 88 drums; in 20 'dry container: 80 drums; in 20 ' Reefer container: 72 drums.
Capacity from 240 to 300 hl.
Cistern with capacity from 240 to 270 hl for shipping of bulk product, by land, rail, sea.
Palletized food plastic container capacity 1000 liters (non-aseptic) Ideal for small quantities of food products.

All products can also be shipped in smaller format.