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100% natural quality

Sweeteners fruit sugar

From the heart of the fruit, our natural sweeteners represent a more than valid alternative to traditional sugars. From grape to carob, from apple to date, each sugar has a very specific organoleptic characteristic and flavor, which makes it perfect for use in various food areas such as the confectionery industry, the canning sector, the preparation of leavened products and the production of glaze and ice cream.

Grape must and concentrates

Rectified Concentrated Must (MCR) and Concentrated Grape Must.
We can rely on over 50 years of experience in the production of concentrated grape must and almost 30 in the production of rectified concentrated must (MCR) for the wine sector. Thanks to our proven corporate reliability and compliance with extremely high-quality standards, we are now suppliers of some of the largest European wine groups. We also operate in the processing and storage of grape must on behalf of third parties. Our products allow the enrichment of musts and new wines still in fermentation during the harvest period, and in the sweetening, elaboration of wines and sparkling wines of the highest quality.

Juices and concentrates

Using grape must as raw material, we produce grape juice, NFC (Not From Concentrate) grape juice and concentrated white and red grape juice for the food and wine market.
In addition, we make concentrated apple juice and date and orange juice for the food market.
Upon specific request, we are also able to offer juices and concentrates customized according to the needs of customers.


Not only sugar: the Tasty Family of Made Fruit can also count on delicious toppings, much more than mere ornaments for cakes. Concentrates of hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry, caramel, berries and black cherry, to be added to ice cream and confectionery products for a touch of irresistible sweetness.

“Give shape to passions, combining technology, safety and quality together”


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