Made Fruit at Sigep with Martino Liuzzi for a quality ice cream.

This year, Made Fruit will be present at Sigep in Rimini inside the stand belonging to the “Centro Studi Gelato Artigianale di Martino Liuzzi”. In this space, located in hall C4 n.015, the nutritionist professor will highlight the new trends in ice cream. Thanks also to the presentation of his new book, “Il Gelato che Cercavi”, Liuzzi will introduce visitors to the new realities that contribute to making ice cream a healthy, digestible, fresh and even therapeutic food.
The first element that determine the qualitative difference is given by the use of grape and date sugars. The latter allowed a real revolution in the field of balances of traditional ice cream: reduction of sugars in blends; exaltation of color and taste; greater ability to bind free water and, consequently, advance the production process with significant energy and time savings.
It will be an important showcase, not only for lovers of quality ice cream, but also for the Made Fruit brand. The brand's products will in fact be used during the cooking shows that Liuzzi will hold during the 5 days of the event, from 18 to 22 January, in which it will prepare (and let the public taste) its delicious ice cream flavors.

16 January 2020 Condividi