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Fruit sugars

We are specialized in the extraction and production of natural fruit sugars; we produce and commercialize 100% fruit sugars.
We follow our customers and help them create customized products, suitable for their needs, with careful processing, according to the most innovative technology, keeping their naturalness intact.
Natural nutrition and technology are combined to obtain essential products for a healthy and correct diet.
Our sugars are used as ingredients by major food companies in the production of juices, drinks, candied fruit, canned fruit, jams and marmalades, fruit bars and cereals, condiments with balsamic vinegar, food icings, yogurt, ice cream, pastries, creams and desserts, baked goods, candies, jellies, energy drinks and baby food. Using our sugars, the list of ingredients is simplified, and allows you to insert the words “extracted sugars from fruit” or “100% fruit sugar” into the labels of the products obtained, increasing the commercial value and the interest of consumers for the product purchased.
“Fruit sugars are a precious ally in food preparations.
Thanks to their high concentration of Fructose and Glucose and the presence of inulin, together with other minor sugars, they allow to reduce the sugar content and stabilize the moist component enhancing its taste and aroma.
Moreover, thanks to the presence of sugar alcohols, absent in sugar inverted, with their antioxidant action they increase the shelf life of the product ”
Prof. Martino Liuzzi
Study & Research
Food and Nutrition Ancona

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