The secrets of the cloister or the ancient recipes of the cloistered nuns

On 16-17 March 2017 from 16 to 19 in Via Lampedusa n.9 will take place the pastry course organized by chef Peppe Giuffrè in collaboration with “Il Genio” from Palermo. The course will be an ideal journey through the walls of the monasteries of Palermo, to the rediscovery of the "cosi duci delle batii" (the sweets of the abbeys), of the ancient secret recipes that the cloistered nuns did not put in writing but handed down orally, during of centuries.
The master Giuffrè will revisit the desserts of the past, from the "trionfo di gola" to the "fedde del Cancelliere", from the "martorana" to the "minne di virgini" with a keen eye on tradition and one on new light, gluten free trends, using exclusively our "NATURALLY SWEET" line of organic and natural fruit sugars.
Peppe Giuffrè has a great family and personal tradition behind it in the restaurant business. Cooking has always been his great passion because it has given him the opportunity to research, create and experiment and to always challenge himself. An eclectic and multifaceted personality who served gala dinners for 17 heads of state but does not sometimes scruple to cook in the canteen of charity for the needy.
The proceeds from the course will go to the social canteen of Santa Cita.
"The secrets of the cloister or the ancient recipes of the cloistered nuns" with Chef Peppe Giuffrè and Official Partner MADE FRUIT srl.

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