Specialists in fruit sugars. A 50-year history.

Made Fruit is a company born in 2010, but with over 50 years of experience in the sector of juices and sugars extracted from fruit. “We have now reached the third generation of Sicilian entrepreneurs dedicated to the business of sugars extracted from fruit explains the C.E.O Francesco Bono When we started, we only dealt with concentrated grape juice and grape sugar. Subsequently, we introduced the apple one, which is very popular with the canning industry. In 2012, following the grape production crisis and the surge in prices, we launched the date sugar, to then complete the line with a truly innovative product: carob sugar, coming from the cultivations of Ragusa. Present us your product range… I would start from the 'Naturally Sweet' line, made up of Organic Grape Sugar, Apple Sugar, Date Sugar, Organic Carob Sugar. Continue reading the article

5 May 2017 Condividi